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 2018年2月20日(火) 02:23 JST


CHAPTER ONE Co., Ltd.  is a master production company, which was established in 1986, and is comprised of a team of talented people, including producers, composers, lyricists and arrangers.

S ince its inception, the company has successfully worked with many major record manufacturers - the most predominant of which are Sony Records, EMI Record, Poligram Group, King Records, Denon Records - and has produced approximately 300 CDs. In addition, our work includes production of sound tracks for television dramas and computer games, movie music, and CM music. 

W e also own the Flamingo Sound Recording Studio, in which we have recently produced some exciting new experimental music. It is this music which forms the basis of our new lable, PACIFIC MOON, and which introduces the sophisticated talents of our Asian artists to the international audience.




Throughout their history of four thousand years, the people of Asia have lived as one with nature, believing that man is intertwined with the universe, and that all that exists in the cosmos is here for a reason. In other words, all is as it should be, and nothing is accidental. Through the centuries, Asian cultures have maintained this expansive philosophy, embodying the gentleness and strength to accept all things, and the mystical elements of Eastern music have been nurtured by this rich historical background. 


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